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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is Kaleidoscope held?

  • There is no regularly scheduled dates for Kaleidoscope.  Kaleidoscope March 2024 was the fifth Kaleidoscope program. 

  • See Past Programs for previous Kaleidoscope program details and photos. 

Who can attend Kaleidoscope?

  • Kaleidoscope is suitable for adult participants of any age, background, occupation and outlook.  

  • Participants range from those who currently live or previously lived in Israel or visit Israel several times a year, to those have not visited Israel for decades or have never visited Israel.  

  • The diversity of the participants enriches the Kaleidoscope experience.   

Why is Kaleidoscope unique?

  • Kaleidoscope is not a sightseeing tour or a fundraising mission. 

  • Kaleidoscope probes beneath the surface to expose participants to information and insights beyond the confines of our echo chambers.   ​

  • Veterans of other tours and missions consistently describe Kaleidoscope as uniquely transformative.

When and where does the program start and finish?

  • Kaleidoscope March 2024 starts at 8:30am on Sunday March 3 in Jerusalem and finishes at 9:30pm on Thursday March 7 in Tel Aviv.

Is it safe to participate in Kaleidoscope?

  • Security is a top priority for our tour operator, Israel Maven, who will modify the program as required to minimize any possible security risk to participants. 

Can one attend part of Kaleidoscope?

  • Please check the home page for specific days and sessions that can be attended separately and how to register.  

  • This information will be published a few weeks before the start of the program and may be updated right up until the relevant day or session.

How do I find out more about Kaleidoscope?

For any other inquiries, please reach out to the Kaleidoscope team below:

Who arranges accomodation and transport before and after the program?

  • Participants are responsible for their own flight arrangements.

  • Our tour operator, Israel Maven, is pleased to assist participants with accommodation and transport arrangements before and after the program. Please contact

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