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Listen to what participants say about

the Kaleidoscope program they experienced.

 “A very, very unusual experience… which embraces the complexity of Israel in all its dimensions, and doesn’t hold back, really exposes participants to all voices without prejudice, without judgment, and with real sophistication, treating all of us as adults.”

Peter Joseph of New York

Chair of Trenton Biogas and Chair Emeritus of Israel Policy Forum

Clara Rubinstein

Marketing Executive from Toronto 

“An amazing experience that went way beyond what we expected. The diversity of subject matter and calibre of speakers was extraordinary. At such a difficult time I couldn’t think of a better way of coming to Israel than with Kaleidoscope.” 
“A very therapeutic trip, cathartic… you’re exposed to people you come never otherwise come close to…  the leaders in Israeli society today, so fascinating.”

Sara Dobner

A senior policy advisor with the Ontario Government, and a past participant in Kaleidoscope

“The program was superb (if a bit exhausting!).  I came away with a deeper knowledge of Israel’s challenges and a deeper confidence that it will overcome them.  But just as wonderful as the program were the people who came on the trip.”

Dan Gormley

Chief Legal Officer at Amp Solar Group

“Kaleidoscope is really really challenging in the best possible way… the perfect program for anybody who’s willing to be uncomfortable and in that discomfort to find depth and meaning and connection, and somehow to feel as productive as it is possible right now.” 

Sara Super

Chief of Staff at Google in Los Angeles

"Everything about the Kaleidoscope program was superb – the team of staff, guides, and esteemed presenters provided admirable variety and a breadth of opportunities for an interesting cohort of fellow travelers to explore.  We had amazing access to articulate leaders who could address relevant issues facing Israel today based on experience and knowledge. Diverse viewpoints were provided and dialogue was respectful. Staff and guides presented historical frameworks that were very useful in understanding current issues.”

Linda Rakoff

Retired social worker, Boston

"Mind blowing…an extremely difficult week that tested me in so many ways - extremely emotional, to visit the sites attacked on October 7 and then come back and have all these amazing discussions and challenge each other, in this group of strangers with a huge age difference, but there I’m leaving feeling very hopeful and very confused, but with love for Israel and for the group.”

Lula Pencharz

student at Wits University in Johannesburg and head of Habonim South Africa

“The firsthand exposure to what’s happening in Israel has been phenomenal... Sometimes it’s difficult to sit through and you really have to change your viewpoint… Kaleidoscope has been totally life-changing.”

Ella Mendelow

A graduate psychology student at the University of Cape Town

“I feel Stephen and his team here along with the participants created an ecosystem of ideas and moving perspectives. I  can’t imagine the amount of work that unfolded backstage to make this a reality in beyond challenging circumstances particularly for the Israelis who spent time with us all and were so generous…I saw this man at Nova and am wishing the music will play again.”

Lesley Simpson

Journalist, author and media producer

"Kaleidoscope was spectacular. It was seamless and our Israeli team was so organized and attentive. The program was very moving and covered many perspectives from outstanding guests."

Robert Milne
President, Everest Mortgage & Capital Corp, Toronto

"An extremely educational, nuanced and insightful window into Israeli society, politics and security. Has had a significant influence in developing our understanding of Israel and what it means to us, and in so doing strengthening our relationship with it."

Judy Hoffman

Director of Corporate Marketing, Procter & Gamble

“Kaleidoscope was a terrific program. It was intense and enlightening but also very enjoyable. The mix of events was excellent and the flow and structure were very good.” 

Trevor Norwitz

Partner, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, New York

“Kaleidoscope is an immersive, multi-dimensional exploration of the diverse challenges facing … includes … topic experts, activists, and performers; the places, sounds, food, and arts of Israel complement the educational message. You will explore places Jewish tourists seldom see, places that demonstrate the complexity of Israeli life and highlight experimental social projects intended to address the crises and conflicts facing Israeli society.”

Dr David Urbach, Head of the Department of Surgery,

Women’s College Hospital, Toronto

"Kaleidoscope was a life altering trip for me. Having been so many times to Israel, this trip opened up an entirely different exposure … a real insight into the complexities of Israel today from an intellectual, political, social, educational and cultural perspective.”  

Robyn Buchman

Former Chair, Israel Engagement Committee, UJA Federation of Toronto

“Kaleidoscope was incredibly fast paced and introspective, and left me wanting to learn more and be more involved in Israel and Jewish issues.”

Ruth Sagorsky Kruger, Healthcare Marketing Specialist, Toronto

“Very well-planned set of meetings …which led to exceptionally interesting and impactful discussions in these extraordinarily challenging times.  Having participated in various trips to Israel for over 50 years, the meetings last week were unique in their consistent high level analytical content pertaining to the serious, complex considerations for both Israel and the diaspora going forward."

Cal Goldman

K.C., Canada’s former Commissioner of Competition

“Kaleidoscope is an amazing five day immersive experience in Israel where participants learn of various grassroots organizations that range in perspectives and voices regarding politics, society, culture and values of Israel. I would definitely recommend the trip to others!”

Carrie Bettel, PhD Candidate, York University

"This was an outstanding program. It presented a truly unique view of Israel and the issues it faces today. I was most impressed with the caliber of speakers in the program. They were simply amazing."

Byron Rakoff

Federal Aviation Administration Manager (retired), Boston

"I was profoundly moved by Kaleidoscope. I feel three thousand years of history tapping me on the shoulder, and it has shaken me to the core... I have one homeland and right about now I could sure use a second. You are very fortunate to have Israel as a place you can come to as your second home."

John Schmidt

CEO, Content Media Corp., New York

"The program really allowed individuals to take what they wanted from the trip. For me, it was about learning who is not included in our narrative about Israel, whether historically or presently. I also appreciated that the group was diverse in age and where participants were from. It allowed for a lot of different viewpoints. The trip to Ramallah was incredible. It put the conflict into perspective and the difficulty of finding a solution a reality.”

Madeleine Sarick

Lawyer, VP Samuel Sarick Limited Developments

President at an Egalitarian-Conservative Synagogue in Toronto

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