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Engaging with the Complexity of Israel

Kaleidoscope is a multi‐dimensional exploration of Israel through a wide-angled lens:

  • we engage with the brightest minds and most important personalities in politics, military, media, business, law, healthcare and social action;

  • we examine the key issues in depth, from a broad range of perspectives; 

  • we visit important but unusual sites and participate in purposeful projects and activities; and

  • we experience the complexity of Israel directly, “from the inside”.

Kaleidoscope is not a sightseeing tour or a fundraising mission. 


Kaleidoscope probes beneath the surface to expose participants to information and insights beyond the confines of our echo chambers.   ​

Veterans of other tours and missions consistently describe Kaleidoscope as uniquely transformative.

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The Kaleidoscope Experience

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What Participants Say About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is a one-of-kind experience. 

Discover what Kaleidoscope has to offer with photos from our previous trips.

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Stephen Pincus

Mark Finkelstein

Deon Kibel

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