Kaleidoscope 2019

Engaging Israel At A Crossroads


Whether you’ve been to Israel many times or have never been at all, Kaleidoscope will provide you with new perspectives on Israel. Join us for a nuanced journey of depth and disruption, to get an insider’s view of the most pressing issues in Israeli society today.


Led by highly experienced educational experts from Makom: Israel Education Lab, this multi-dimensional program covers areas from politics to culture, business to social action, healthcare to religion.


Participants engage with the brightest minds and most important personalities in Israel, including educators, senior military strategists, writers, scientists, doctors, performers, social activists, investors, and top Israeli and Palestinian leaders.


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Sunday 3rd November through to Thursday 7th November 2019 – USD $1,950 (in double occupancy rooms)

Optional, wrap-arounds are available for the weekend before and after the trip.


Additional Programs:

If your community would like to partner with us on another unique, Kaleidoscope trip, please contact Deon Kibel at deon@kaleidoscopeisrael.org.

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What Participants said of the 2017 trip:

“Kaleidoscope was a unique, inspiring, stimulating experience... It was fearless in its approach, honest, and brilliantly curated. Each day felt like it could not get any better, and then it did.”

“Everything about the Kaleidoscope program was superb – the team of staff, guides, and esteemed presenters... We had amazing access to articulate leaders who could address relevant issues facing Israel today based on experience and knowledge.”

“Kaleidoscope was a life altering trip for me. Having been so many times to Israel, this trip opened up an entirely different exposure... It gave me a real insight into the complexities of Israel today from an intellectual, political, social, educational and cultural perspective.”

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